Please be aware some pictures may be disturbing.

A CADSC truck at a job site with itís markings covered for discretion.


Fully equipped for any job.
Discretion is important. Hotel hallway before start of biorecovery in room.
Hallway during biorecovery work.
Final sealing after disinfection and removal of contaminants.
Blood and contaminated debris at scene of an assault.
Removing contaminated carpet.
Showing how contamination spreads under carpet. Very little blood was visible on top of the carpet.
Examining contaminated sub-floor at a decomposition.
Crime scenes are often heavily stained with chemicals used by investigators such as fingerprint powder and the forensic chemicals Amido Black, Carbon Black, Luminol, and Crystal Violet.
Industrial accidents can result in very involved disassembly and cleaning.
Bioterrorism recovery requires very tedious decontamination efforts.
Bird droppings 6 inch deep.
Contaminated vehicles can be driven or towed to our facility for full cleaning and restoration.
Deodorization of a decomposition locale can require extensive spraying of the structure.
"Trash" or distressed housing can present challenges when the depth of the trash is equal to the railings of a staircase.
Patrick Carlin, USAFR, at work before he was mobilized to support Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Sometimes occupants of jail cells try to send a message.
Cleaning a room formerly occupied by numerous pigeons.

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